Our recommendations before entering a cleanroom

recommendations before entering a cleanroom

Did you know people are a major source of contamination in a cleanroom? At Integrity our mission is to help companies keep their cleanrooms contaminant-free.

Below is a list of general regulations recommended as a minimum for the successful operation of a cleanroom.

We recommend following these protocols before entering a critical environment:

1. All personal items (jewelry, watches, lighters. cigarettes, etc.) should be stored in a personal locker outside the ante-room.

2. Do not smoke or vape 30 minutes before entering.

3. Enter only through the ante-room (ISO Class 8 or better). Do not take shortcuts.

4. Walk three small steps across the adhesive mat to remove dirt and particles from soles.

5. Wear shoe covers.

6. Don a bouffant cap and if applicable a beard cover.

7. Wash hands first with water, then apply soap. Scrub for at least 15 seconds.

8. Don cleanroom glove liners and cleanroom gloves.

9. Wash or apply alcohol solution to cleanroom gloves.

10. Don cleanroom garment (coveralls or lab coat).

11. Wipe down supplies and tools with IPA/DI, then moved through material pass-through.

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