RightCycle - Committed to Sustainability

The RightCycle program resolved the cleanroom recycling process - beyond downcycling, upcycling and other ideas - with the right way to recycle. RightCycle makes it easy to recycle previously hard-to-recycle products like cleanroom garments and gloves. Now the garments and gloves used in your facility can be turned into a variety of useful, eco-friendly products. Integrity Cleanroom and Kimberly-Clark Professional's commitment to sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle.

RightCycle - Full Lifecycle Solution
Sterling Glove technology has helped Kimberly-Clark Professional to create a glove that has equivalent chemical holdout to thicker gloves, while reducing material usage by 50%.
Kimberly-Clark Professional apparel manufacturing facilities are 98% landfill free, with a vision to be 100% landfill free by 2015.
Improved pallet fit, and more product per case has reduced the product transportation carbon footprint.
Final Disposal
Kimberly-Clark Professional's RightCycle program offers an innovative recycling program for gloves and garments. Instead of going to landfills, these materials will be recycled to create new products.
RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional

For more information on how the RightCycle program can help your sustainability, contact Integrity Cleanroom for more details.

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