Portable Clean Area/Cleanroom

Integrity® Clean Tent is an innovative design concept in cleanroom technology. Intended for users that require temporary cleanroom facilities, clean storage facilities or portability for on-site work, the Integrity Clean Tent covers most user requirements at a low capital cost.

The Integrity® Clean Tent works on an air system of a horizontal laminar flow principle, exhausting through user-controlled zip vents in both the work cabin and gowning room. The FFU is mounted on top of a 25mm box sectional frame and fixed to the tent via a specially designed skirt.

It is fitted with a ground sheet made from anti-static reinforced Tryoll with a 150mm skirt to create a tough durable base unit.

Options/ Extras: Pass through facility, hard flooring, emergency UPS or pole structure, step over bench, cleanroom work station benches, flight case, installation and accreditation.


  • Gowning area plus full cleanroom
  • High quality PVC construction
  • Innovative design concept
  • Positive air pressure supplied by filtered fan units
  • HEPA Class100/ ISO 5 filter
  • Fans powered by 240v standard mains plug. 12vDC inverter available seperately to allow the air system to run from a battery.

Standard formats:

Size 6 person 2-4 person 2 person
Footprint (LxWxH mm) 6100 x 3650 x 2150 4250 x 2500 x 2150 3650 x 2500 x 2150
Gowning room (LxWxH mm) 1200 x 3650 x 2150 600 x 2500 x 2150 600 x 2500 x 2150
Work cabin (LxWxH mm) 4900 x 3650 x 2150 3650 x 2500 x 2150 3050 x 2500 x 2150
HEPA Filter (1180L x 570W x 85H mm) Qty 2 Qty 1 Qty 1


Integrity Clean Tent
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Integrity Clean Tent


The Bloodhound Project

Integrity Cleanroom supplied The Bloodhound Project; a British made 1,000mph supersonic car, with specialist flooring technology inside a cleanroom tent during the crucial hybrid rocket system build stage.