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InSpec™ DE Solution

InSpec™ DE Wipes

Impregnated Wipes

InSpec™ DE is a sterile preparation of 70% denatured ethanol (DE) in 30% Water For Injection (WFI) quality water.

These products are supplied sterile, double bagged, gamma irradiated and provided with certificates of analysis, irradiation, sterility and endotoxin level.

InSpec™ DE is manufactured in an ISO 6 Cleanroom, filled under an ISO 5 localised air shower in the ISO 6 background. Batch certified covering areas such as analysis, sterility, endotoxin and irradiation dose. Manufactured to GMP under an ISO 9001 quality system.


  • Low Linting
  • Rapid action
  • Bactericidal and Fungicidal
  • Irradiation indicator
  • Manufactured to GMP
  • Independent microbiological data
  • Defined 24 month shelf life
  • Multiple bagged

    Please note that this product is classed as Dangerous Goods
    and may be subject to higher International shipping charges.

Order Code Type Pack Size


InSpec™ DE Premium Tub Wipes 1x130 Wipes


InSpec™ DE Standard Tub Wipes 1x200 Wipes


InSpec™ DE Pouch Wipes 25x15 Wipes


InSpec™ DE Pouch Wipes 16x50 Wipes