Integrity Clean Hood

Clean Hood

The Clean Hood laminar flow booth (sometimes called a laminar flow cabinet) provides a bench top, particle-free working environment for your process. The design allows you to add features as your process and budget require.The Clean Hood design is based on the fan filter unit (FFU) which is the backbone of the successful Clean Tent range of products.

Benefits Include:

  • Bench top or Workstation
  • ISO 5/ Class 100 air
  • Vertical or horizontal flow
  • Low capital cost

Integrity Clean Hood


1212mm(L) x 612mm(D) x 1163mm(H)
Footprint (extra deep option)
1212mm(L) x 912mm(D) x 1163mm(H)
1180mm(L) x 590mm(W) x 750mm(H)
Workspace (extra deep option)
1180mm(L) x 890mm(W) x 750mm(H)
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