Single Use Cleanroom Mop
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Single Use Cleanroom Mop

Mopping Systems

The Single Use Cleanroom Mop system comprises a microfiber mop head packaged with an integral burstable pouch of rotational disinfectants, sporicide or detergent variants.


  • 100% Polyester Woven Backing
  • Cleanroom Construction
  • Gamma irradiation stable
  • High quality, high density microfiber construction


  • Consistent quality of microfiber - single use 100% polyester and microfiber construction
  • No deterioration of microfiber
  • No risk of residue/drug carry over from previous use
  • No risk of fibre release from aged and damaged mop
  • No-touch process of application to and removal from mop head hardware
  • Biocides are separated from the mop prior to activation to ensure performance and bioavailability
  • Rotational high level disinfectants, sporicide and detergent options are provided, plus a dry version is available
  • Each mop provides 20m2 to 25m2 coverage
  • No contract required - just stock what is required routinely and for deep cleans
Order Code Title Intended Use Mops/Carton
610-0041 InSpec™ AN Mop High Level Disinfection 15
610-0042 InSpec™ QT Mop High Level Disinfection 15
610-0043 InSpec™ HA Mop Sporicidal / Deep Clean 15
610-0044 InSpec™ N10 Mop Detergent Cleaning Agent 15
610-0045 Dry Mop Spills/own Biocide use 15
This product can be sterilised by gamma irradiation - please call us for a quote on +44 (0)1473 836205

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