Mat Frame
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Mat Frame


These frames provide a uniform, effective base for adhering tack mats securely, while permitting easy removal of the last sheet. They also enhance the appearance of mats. Frames are held in place by a non-skid base.

The frames consist of a sloping 3" (76mm) anodized aluminium edge, with an additional 1" (25mm) inner edge which the mat sits on within the frame. A plastic base is permanently secured for rigidity and performance.

Mat frames are available for all sizes of tack mats; the width and length are each 6" (152mm) greater than those of the corresponding sticky mat. Overall height is 0.625" (16mm).


  • Requires no maintenance
  • Pre-assembled, ready to use
  • Non-skid base
Order Code Title Size Pack Size


Mat frame that fits 18" x 45" mat 24" x 51" (610mm x 1295mm) Each


Mat frame that fits 26" x 45" mat 32" x 51" (813mm x 1295mm) Each


Mat frame that fits 36" x 36" mat 42" x 42" (1067mm x 1067mm) Each


Mat frame that fits 36" x 45" mat 42" x 51" (1067mm x 1295mm) Each