Diamond Amphoteric Sterile Disinfectant
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Diamond Amphoteric Sterile Disinfectant

Diamond Amphoteric Sterile Disinfectant


Diamond Amphoteric Sterile Disinfectant contains surface active agents and an amphoteric compound for environmental and surface disinfection. Diamond is ideal for the disinfection of walls and floors and is safe for use on most surfaces found within pharmaceutical production facilities. All pack sizes must be applied to pre-cleaned surfaces.  Further use instructions are detailed on the product label.

Concentrate: must be diluted prior to use.  Add 100ml concentrate to 5l of water to make a 2% solution.

Ready-to-use:  Can be used immediately for spraying, wiping and mopping.

For professional use only. This product should be used in conjunction with a rotational cleaning schedule.


  • Rotational Liquid Disinfectant
  • Amphoteric Compound
  • Ideal for surface disinfection
  • Perfect for Walls & Floors
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical production facilities
  • Available in concentrate & ready-to-use forms

    Please note that this product is classed as Dangerous Goods
    and may be subject to higher International shipping charges.

Order Code Format Dilution Pack Size


Trigger Spray Ready-to-use 6 x 900ml


Concentrate bottle Dilute to 2% 50 x 100ml


RTU solution Ready-to-use 2 x 5 Litre