Gold IPA Disinfectant
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Gold IPA Disinfectant

Gold IPA Disinfectant


Gold is ideal for the disinfection of product contact surfaces and spraying on gloved hands. This ready-to-use solution is suitable for all surfaces found within pharmaceutical production facilities.

Sterile packs contain ready-to-use 70% v/v IPA with water for injection.

For professional use only; further use instructions are detailed on the product label.


  • 70% IPA 30% WFI
  • Ideal for disinfection of product contact surfaces
  • Ready to use solution
  • Suitable for all surfaces within pharmaceutical facilities
  • Sterile by gamma irradiation
  • Double bagged

    Please note that this product is classed as Dangerous Goods
    and may be subject to higher International shipping charges.

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Trigger Spray Ready-to-use 6 x 1 Litre