Profeel Latex Surgical Gloves
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Profeel Latex Surgical Gloves


The approach taken in meeting the healthcare professional's increasing stringent quality requirement is reflected in the outstanding features of Profeel Powder Free NR Latex Surgical Gloves. Being powder free, the gloves provide freedom from powder-induced allergies, adhesions and granulomas, in addition to eliminating the need to wash or wipe gloves before a surgical procedure. Our proprietary manufacturing process ensures that the gloves contain the lowest level of allowable NR latex protein claim, thereby minimizing potential skin allergic reactions related to Type I sensitivities. The latex gloves are further characterized by low or undetectable level of chemical residue which reduces the risk of irritant or allergic contact dermatitis (Type IV allergic reactions). The textured surface on fingers and palm provide excellent instrument grip and superior tactile sensitivity, which provides optimum 'feel' to the surgeon. The high tensile strength minimizes tearing, the reinforced cuff prevents tearing while donning and has beaded cuffs.


  • Natural Rubber Latex
  • Beaded cuff prevents tearing
  • High tensile strength
  • Textured surface on palm and fingers
  • Excellent grip
  • Superior tactile sensitivity provides optimum "feel"
  • Gamma-Sterilized
  • Length 305mm (12")
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