Disposable Poly-Cellulose Mop Head Disposable Poly-Cellulose Mop Head
Cleanroom Disposable Poly-Cellulose Mop Head
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Disposable Poly-Cellulose Mop Head


Ideal for spill control, cleaning and disinfecting of controlled environments. The Nonwoven cellulose polyester is a hydroentangled 55% cellulose and 45 % polyester nonwoven wiper designed for applications that require the unique combination of superior strength and exceptional sorbency.


  • Mop head changing is quick and easy, it is designed to slip on and of the mop frame, yet remains secure while in use.
  • Lightweight, with non-abrasive surface, use for critical environments delivering true cleaning performance.
  • Available in sterile format by Gamma Irradiation
  • Made of hydroentangled 55% cellulose and 45% polyester
  • Combines the strength of polyester with the absorbency of long cellulose fibres
  • Cleanroom processed and packaged to reduce particles
  • Smooth, highly sorbent and durable
  • Works well with IPA and other solvents


  • Ideal ISO 6-7 for cleanrooms, laboratories and any other dust/dirt free environment
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical industries and other non-critical environments.
  • Excellent for use in Pharmaceutical, Biotech & medical device manufacturing markets
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This product can be sterilised by gamma irradiation - please call us for a quote on +44 (0)1473 836205