Integrity® Cleanroom offers a complete disinfection system that will eliminate all known bio-burden. From our Integrity® filtered alcohol's to offering a full rotational disinfectant system from the Inspec disinfectant range, we are able to offer our customer a complete Cleanroom disinfectant solution.

One of our key strategic partners, Inspec, have full GMP capabilities to manufacture terminally sterilised and aseptically filled products. In a new state of the art cleanroom, all products are filled in a Grade A environment located within the Class B cleanroom.

The complete sterile disinfectant range provides neutral detergent, alcohols, impregnated biocide wipes, rotational and sporicidal disinfectants in trigger form, concentrate and pre-saturated formats.

  • Each batch is supplied with its own Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Sterility.
  • Certificates of Irradiation are supplied for all terminally sterilised Alcohol products.
  • All disinfectants will be supported by the biocides products directive.