Please follow these recommendations to ensure proper usage

1. Before installing the Adhesive Matting, thoroughly clean the surface. We recommend using INTEGRITY CLEANROOM Pre-Saturated IPA wipers.

2. Remove the bottom layer to adhere the adhesive mat to the floor (this is the clear layer from the opposite side of the numbered tabs).

3. Place the adhesive mat vertical to the door.

4. Remove the top protective layer to start using the adhesive mats.

5. To change a layer, peel off the top dirty layer by rolling it up to capture contamination and prevent contaminating the new layer.

Other recommendations: 

  • Adhesive mats must be stored horizontal/at to avoid damage.
  • Numbered tabs indicate number of remaining layers.
  • Uneven or damaged surfaces are not recommended for adhesive mats.
  • Always clean the surface before and after placing an adhesive mat to remove adhesive accumulation.

Download our handy guide below for the effective use of adhesive matting for your preparation area.