Disposable Antistatic Clothing for Cleanrooms

Photo of person in Cleanroom looking at a wafer

Our Disposable Antistatic clothing range suitable for Cleanrooms now includes Labcoats as well as Coveralls (shop here), providing a more flexible clothing solution in your clean environment; these garments offer both particulate and static control.

Both are manufactured from a lightweight, low linting material; these items provide excellent comfort, breathability and water vapor transmission rates which ensures the wearer can operate comfortably.

These dissipative garments are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent demands inside a Cleanroom, all the while helping to reduce static electricity, thus reducing the risk of damage to your products.

Disposable antistatic clothing features:

  • Type 5/6 classification to protect against fine, dry particles (Type 5) and light sprays, liquid aerosols or low pressure, low volume liquid splashes (Type 6)
  • CE marked to PPE Standard Category 3
  • Ultra-low linting material
  • Spun-bound polypropylene for a low propensity to triboelectric charging

In addition to the above, these garments can also be sterilized by gamma irradiation on request.

You can order these online now or call the team on +1 512 713 0127 to discuss any special requirements.