Cleanroom Fundamentals - What Makes a Cleanroom?

Cleanroom Fundamentals. In this guide, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of cleanrooms, ISO classifications, and the different types of cleanrooms available.

Depending on your sector, industry and needs, different ISO levels will be required to ensure the quality, reliability, and performance of products that require a pristine environment for manufacturing, testing, or research. There are several different styles and types of cleanrooms – each have their own benefits
and features, making them unique.

As experts in the industry, we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of cleanrooms on the market. Our efficient cleanroom construction service means we can have your cleanroom fully operational within days. we provide Turnkey, Modular and Softwall cleanrooms and Inflatable Clean Tents.

Whether you are new to cleanrooms or want to refresh your knowledge, our Learning About Contamination Control guides are designed to help you navigate the requirements and best practice for each classification.

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Cleanroom Fundamentals - What makes a Cleanroom?

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