Case Studies

Law Enforcement Forensic Department

Bespoke Forensic Cleanroom - Integrity Cleanroom

Forensic Lab for Law Enforcement Services

Integrity Cleanroom was approached by a State Forensic Examination Department, to work with a principal contractor to design, supply and install a complete, bespoke laboratory solution, using a state-of-the-art clean air filtration system.


Brief included supplying ducted and fume containment solutions, high spec equipment and robust laboratory furniture throughout the facility’s Examination Suites, Stain Rooms, Chemical Mixing Areas and Dark Rooms. The facility would serve not only this Police force but also other Emergency Services users.


Ethanol Stain Cabinet

The project enabled us to provide a bespoke Ethanol Stain Cabinet, giving new functionality to testing capabilities, enabling them to extract minute trace fingerprints from crime scenes. This solution was based on our extensive knowledge and technology gained when developing our Explosive Atmospheres Cabinet, the only fully certified Filtration Fume Cabinet available to the market. The cabinet is designed to provide the operator with the highest level of protection by integrating a specialist Monitoring System. The system warns the operator if ethanol fumes reach potentially unsafe and hazardous levels, adjusting the extraction fan’s velocity based on the concentrated level of ethanol within the cabinet’s working atmosphere.

Fume Extraction System

Elsewhere in the facility our range of Ducted Fume Hoods are ideal for laboratory applications, offering the operator, complete control over the working atmosphere.

A team of Project Engineers designed an extraction system which integrated three Ducted Fume Cabinets, Oven Fume Hoods and a Walk-In Ductaire Fume Module, allowing all to run from a single extraction unit. The Walk-In Ductaire Fume Module, a special requirement for the client, was designed to size and built onsite within a purpose-built alcove.

Bespoke Darkroom Equipment

The lab included multiple Dark Rooms which required all the room’s equipment to be entirely black. Custom-made Black Trespa TopLabPlus was used for the room’s workspaces, and bespoke black Mobile Filtration Modules were commissioned specially for the client.

The module combines our latest containment technology with an easy to manoeuvre fume extraction arm. With a radius of two meters and a rotation of close to 360°, the module offers an almost infinite range of extraction locations to suit the client’s unique applications. 

Laboratory Equipment & Furniture

Alongside the installation of a Circulaire Filtration Fume Cupboard, we also supplied two Fire-Proof Storage Cabinets, an Emergency Shower, a bespoke Glass Drying Rack, and a laboratory-grade Dishwasher and Fridge.

Custom made benches and workstations, manufactured to measure from the highest quality, chemically resistant panels were fitted with bespoke stainless-steel sinks and taps to complete the project and provide the client with an ultra-modern laboratory in which to carry out highly sensitive and complex forensic operations.