Entering a Cleanroom: Preparation and Procedure

PPE is worn to protect the wearer from the environment, whereas cleanroom clothing is worn to protect the environment from the wearer. Humans are considered to be responsible for approximately 75% to 80% of all particles generated in a cleanroom. Training and a proper procedure on entering a cleanroom is therefore, essential. Here at Integrity Cleanroom we recommend the following.

Steps to take before entering a cleanroom

• Wipe down anything that is required in the cleanroom before entering – Integrity Pre-wetted Wipes are perfect for wiping any equipment down in or outside the cleanroom
• Store all personal items (jewelry, watches, lighters. cigarettes, etc.) in a personal locker outside the changing area
• Personnel should not smoke or vape 30 minutes before entering
• All make-up and /or other cosmetics must be removed
• Wash and dry hands thoroughly before entering the cleanroom
• Take three steps across adhesive mats laid down outside the cleanroom changing room door to make sure any dirt and particles are removed from shoes or trollies going into the cleanroom

Gowning procedure

1. Place a bouffant cap on and ensure all your hair is covered
2. Put on beard cover (if required)
3. Don your lab coat / coverall
4. Pull on gloves -these should be over the cuff of your cleanroom garment -handle gloves only by the cuffs
5. Sit on the step over bench and place one shoe cover over your shoes, move this leg over the bench to the “clean side”
6. Put the other shoe cover on and move over to the “clean side”
7. Check yourself in the mirror and ensure that everything is tucked in and fastened

You are now ready to enter the cleanroom.

Not all cleanrooms will follow this exact sequence but it does give you an idea of what is involved for operators entering a cleanroom. Each step gets the user cleaner” without contaminating the next layer.

When leaving a cleanroom,  these steps are taken in the opposite order and each layer is disposed of  appropriately.

We supply cleanroom consumables to the pharma, medical, aerospace, automotive and electronic sectors.