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Cleanroom consumables by PRINCIPLE

Principle Integrity Cleanroom

Integrity Cleanroom launches its own  range of  premium, innovative cleanroom consumables designed and manufactured to meet the stringent demands of the critical environment sector.
The decision to launch a new brand originated in the company’s desire to promote a positive impact socially, environmentally and economically throughout its global operation. With manufacturing plants in South East Asia, their  primary driver was being able to ensure that the welfare and basic rights of workers are properly audited and maintained.

CEO, John Hensley, said: ‘As a customer focused business our priority is to deliver quality product. Global supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic have seen long delays and stock shortages worldwide. Businesses are forced to buy stock from wherever they can. For our customers and ourselves, a key factor is being able to deal direct with an verified manufacturer where we can be sure of quality, transparency and where the welfare and rights of workers are protected and monitored.’

‘We have invested heavily in both raw materials and automation in order to alleviate the extended lead times that many of our competitors have seen across the industry. In addition, by developing the Principle range we can consolidate stock and reduce carbon miles on our products, which are otherwise hidden when using a third party.’

UK based Integrity Cleanroom offers a large range of cleanroom consumables developed to meet the most stringent ISO Cleanroom requirements for the medical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and defence industries.

The Principle range of Class 100 gloves is available to order and includes sterile latex, sterile nitrile and non-sterile nitrile.

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